Coverack Curriculum Statement

At Coverack School we are committed to providing a curriculum that is underpinned by three essential drivers 

aspiration -  curiosity - diversity

We aim to empower our learners to develop the knowledge, skills, and values they need to not only succeed in their education but also to become successful global citizens. Through our rigorously and consciously crafted curriculum, we teach clear sequences of enquiry-based learning encompassing the National Curriculum, reflecting the unique and special part of the world in which we live. We believe in helping our children flourish, realising their full potential, and fostering a caring and nurturing community where every child is valued. 



At Coverack, we instil in our students a strong sense of aspiration. We encourage them to dream big and set high goals for themselves. Through a rich and engaging curriculum, we inspire them to believe that they can achieve their dreams, whether that be to run their own fishing company, become an artist or an entrepreneur. We provide a supportive environment where students are encouraged to aim high, work hard, and persevere in the face of challenges. We help them understand that their education is a pathway to a brighter future, where their aspirations can become a reality. 



Curiosity drives learning, and we encourage our students to question, explore, and discover. We want our children to be inquisitive, to seek knowledge, and to develop a lifelong love for learning. By fostering their natural curiosity, we provide a dynamic and engaging curriculum that encourages exploration and critical thinking, allowing our students to become independent and creative thinkers. It harnesses the power of their creativity to enable learners to reach their potential. It will ensure that our curious learners ask the question ‘why?’ and wonder more about the world in which they live, particularly when thinking about the vast history of Cornwall and nearer to them, the history of their own community. 



Our curriculum promotes the richness of diverse cultures, people and communities whilst celebrating Cornish heritage. Our curriculum ensures that learners recognise themselves as global citizens who foster empathy, respect and a sense of community, understanding their place in the wider world. We teach our students to be respectful, inclusive, and empathetic, so they can thrive in a multicultural and interconnected world. 

At Coverack we are dedicated to providing an education that equips our students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to excel academically and socially. We are committed to ensuring that every child realises their full potential and is well-prepared for the next stage of their education. Together, we create a caring and nurturing community where each child's journey is celebrated, and their dreams are nurtured. 



  • Children will recall previous learning throughout their learning journey. 
  • Children’s learning will build on their previous knowledge, skills and learning, thus deepening and broadening their knowledge and understanding. 
  • Children will develop their mindfulness and independence, their aspiration and initiative, they will value and celebrate diversity and through their growing respect for and relationships with the community and the environment, will develop social responsibility. 
  • Children will have strong numeracy and literacy skills, which they can apply across all learning. 
  • Children will feel confident in their skills and learning. 
  • Every child will make good progress, regardless of barriers to learning. 
  • Children will believe that, with hard work, they will achieve their goals and be able to do work at their year group level to a high standard. 

Coverack Primary School
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