At Coverack School it is our intention that our Maths curriculum ensures that the National Curriculum requirements are not only met, but children receive a broad and rich learning experience. Maths teaching and learning provides children with the opportunity to become ‘number fluent’ and increase their problem solving and reasoning skills.


Through quality first-teaching, children experience learning in a variety of ways, using a range of different resources and manipulatives to support their mathematical understanding. We identify any pupils who need additional support both on a day to day basis and over a sustained period of time. We ensure that suitable strategies are put in place to support these pupils through 1 to 1 or small group work, targeted interventions and pre and post teaching or re-teaching of key concepts of skills.

Our Maths curriculum reflects the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. At the core of our curriculum is the ‘White Rose’ scheme which uses ‘small steps’ to break down the teaching into logical, sequential steps to secure understanding of concepts before moving on. We use the White Rose assessments at the end of each unit of work.

In EYFS we have recently started to follow the Number Sense programme to enable pupils to develop a deep understanding of numbers to 10, relationships between them and patterns within them. In KS1 we have started to follow the Number Sense programme – Number Facts Fluency programme which aims to secure confidence and flexibility with number and help pupils to achieve factual fluency in addition and subtraction.

In KS2 we use TT Rockstars to practice times tables. This is assessed regularly to ensure that it is targeted to the individual.


Our curriculum needs to meet the needs of our children, including those with SEND and our disadvantaged pupils, so we spend time evaluating how children are learning through formative and summative assessment. Teachers assess children through the use of White Rose pre-unit, end of unit and end of term assessments. Pupils progress and understanding is also assessed through pupil conferencing, looking through their work, observations of their learning experiences and analysing data and progress.

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